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In Our Midst

by Prayer/Life

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    Buy two, get one FREE - Gorgeous music to inspire you and get you thinking--these songs draw you deeper into the scripture texts, but the poetic lyrics are written by a clinical psychologist with a uniquely complex perspective on the tension in our faith. Rich chords, intricate harmonies, luscious flute and cello lines, and haunting vocals. Super clean mix by Grammy-winning and multi-gold and platinum engineer, Bill Whittington.

    This beautiful package including the lyrics booklet is designed by Samuel Valdez of VirtusAd.com, top notch major motion picture poster art designer with a commitment to independent Christian artists.

    The booklet allows you to read the lyrics as you meditate on the links between the scripture and the poetry.

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In Our Midst (free) 03:29
In Our Midst From Matthew 28:20 Music by John Stallworth, Lyrics by Andrea Davis-Griffin © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP 1. When I see you in our midst I remember your promise when you left, When I feel you all around, its like you said, “With you for all time”, In Our midst, you’re here now, but you’re still missed. 2. When I lose sight of You, Lord, I’m lonely and bored, no joy in my heart, I see suffering all around and wonder, ‘is it true?’, your kingdom found, Your kingdom is come, here now among, the Body broken…. You said, “Lo, I am with you until the end of time,” And “The truth is today, you’ll be with me in paradise…..” So I’m not afraid to die ‘cause I’ll be at home with you, For “If I am absent from the body, I’ll be present with you….” 3. When I hear your Word in my heart, I long to hear more, your reason and rhyme, When I can’t see you at all, I long to live in your light for all time, To be where you are, it’s better there by far, Oh, such bliss……..
I Cover My Face from Exodus 19 and 32-33 Music and Lyrics by Andrea Davis-Griffin 1. So many days away, It Seemed like I had died or run away, So much to say, so many ways to live, And how to please You, Here on this holy mountain, Then I faced Your people, But they turned away, Couldn’t bear the glow, Don’t they long to see You?? to know You?? So I covered my face, I covered my eyes, To shield them from the trace of glory too bright, The shining in their eyes--reflection of Your light, Made them afraid to be near me, I didn’t realize a veil would be required, That You were shining through me…. So I covered my face, I covered my eyes…. 2. On a mountain in a cloud, then higher up still You call me, No longer afraid to look, asking please to see Your glory, then You answered, That You know me well, and You’re pleased with me, Yes You’d do what I ask, and You passed beside me, before me….. And You covered my face, You shielded my eyes, From looking in Your face and losing my life. Your goodness passing by, Your name proclaimed on high, As Lovingkindness and Mercy, You showed me mercy then, by reaching out Your hand, To cover me and save me from Your glory, So You covered my face, You shielded my eyes…. 3. So many days away, seems like I hide or run away, So scared to wait, Afraid I cannot see beyond the veil, Here in my own little room, Still You call each day, But I turn away, Can’t I bear the glow, Don’t I long to see You, to know You? But I cover my face, I cover my eyes, And I hide from your grace, and tell myself lies, Like when the people couldn’t wait, they didn’t hesitate, To replace you with a touchable savior, They had to recreate, a god that they could face, so scared to be alone……. Yes, I cover my face, I cover my eyes……. © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP
Risk Our Lives From Philippians 2 and 3 Music by John Stallworth, Lyrics by Andrea Davis-Griffin 1. Risk our lives to gamble on the life you offer, Sacrifice and suffering and loss, Follow You and take our cross up, too, For that is what You do to give Your life for us, For what? Eternity with you, joy now to see us through, a Spirit sent to woo, With power beyond might, a hope beyond our sight, a truce to end the fighting…. 2. It’s a gamble, give up what we know For that we couldn’t know, beyond this earthly show, It’s a sacrifice, a crazy sort of life, A trade, a deal no one could make for real, For what? A strength beyond our own, a home to call my own, that You prepared for me… A goal, a race, a prize, the future in my eyes, This end rewrites the story…… © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP
Forsaken 04:02
Forsaken From Matthew 27:46 Music by Andrea Davis-Griffin Lyrics by Elmer Griffin & Andrea Davis-Griffin 1. The ground rises up and it opens for me, 
 The light rushes 'round in the sky, 
 How will I find my way home in the dark? 
 How will I be by your side? All I can hear is the noise of their jeering, 
 All I can see is their hatred, 
 All I can feel is the burden of this cross, 
 What have I undertaken? 
 2. Is the terror of bitter days mine alone to drink? I'm lost to myself and my friends, 
 Alone amidst my people, 
 Thinking this is how it ends. I cannot find your face in the crowd, 
 I cannot feel your love at all, 
 Can you not hear when I cry out loud? 
 Why am I God forsaken? Is my path so crooked? Have I strayed too often? Why are you so far away? Help me, hold me, lift me up, Catch me as I'm falling, My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me? © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP
Lord, I Praise You From Psalm 92 Music and Lyrics by Andrea Davis-Griffin Lord, I praise You in the highest, Lord, I praise You in the highest, For you are holy, holy, Lord, God we worship all Your glory, God we worship all Your glory Lift our hands in praise, give You all our days, For you are holy…. I will sing out loud, I will sing out boldly, Worship and adore, Love you more and more for You are holy… You have made me happy, Lord, I’ll Sing for joy, Talk about your love at morning and Your faithfulness at night, It is good to praise you, Lord, our God most high, Making music to Your name for the great things You have done! © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP
Your Mark 04:15
Your Mark From Genesis 1 Music by John Stallworth, Lyrics by Andrea Davis-Griffin 1 Mountains and wave crests, Green leaves’ translucence, Your beauty surrounds us We foretaste our future with glimpses: Resonating, recognizing heaven. Your nature revealing, Waking our souls’ eyes: Vaguely glimpsing, then thrilling, Then yearning, for your eyes: Reminiscing, recollecting heaven. You, our creator, The Earth is your canvas Your handiwork shows who you are…. Something from nothing Form out of chaos Beauty from ashes Your mark 2 Thunder wakes us Lightning blinds us Wind rushes in And as the Earth shakes, Your power around us: Reverberating, resonating heaven. Seasons changing, life rearranging Leaves turn and they’re reminding of Divine will and whimsy transcendent, Calling us to let go of the present…. 3 Painting and sculpting, Tall bridges rising Perfect poetry and grand ideas Solutions, inventions, Enlightened by the spark of our creator, Passionate striving, love’s goal transpiring Heavenly ecstasy creates new beings, Offspring by merging, Engendered by the love of our creator: We are creators, Your image on canvas Our handiwork shows who we are: Something from nothing, Form out of chaos, Beauty from ashes Our mark……. Beauty from ashes, Your mark….. © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP
Trouble (Notes from Jail) From Philippians 1 Music and Lyrics by Andrea Davis-Griffin 1. Trouble, oh, trouble, Helps me tell of your Good News, Trouble, oh, trouble, Clarifies the path I’ll choose, Because you are praying for me, And the Spirit is helping me, I know this trouble will bring my freedom…… 2. Freedom, oh, freedom, Choose your way or choose my own, Freedom, oh, freedom, Live for me or for your throne, But I won’t succumb to shame, ‘Cause my life exalted your name, In life or death, I will have courage…. Bridge You must stay standing strong, Your enemies disarmed, Your faith and suffering are His way of honoring Your sufferings for His sake, A testimony make, To bring Him glory and more faith…… 3. Courage, oh, courage, Born out of my loss of freedom, Courage, oh, courage, They spoke the Word, their fear was gone, So my trouble has caused more people to know God, Rejoice in freedom or in trouble….. Trouble, oh, trouble, Helps you tell of the Good News.,,,,,, © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP
The Message 03:19
The Message From Habakkuk 1-2 Music and Lyrics by Andrea Davis-Griffin I will stand at watch for answers To complaints about your silence, When we cannot stop the violence, Where are you? God answered, “Write it on the clay, My vision for a future day, Look at the proud, their wealth abounds, Their mouth is wide, but never full, They plunder nations By human bloodshed, And violence on the land, Woe to them, No sorrow’s end” God answered, “Write it on the clay, My vision for a future day, The righteous one shall live by faith, The righteous one shall live by faith, Shall live by faith…. And then the knowledge of my glory, of my glory, Will fill the Earth, will fill the Earth.” It’s not time for it to reach you, But the time is coming soon, When the message will come true, Wait for it….. © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP
We Magnify 05:44
We Magnify Spoken word from Isaiah 55 Music by John Stallworth Lyrics by Andrea Davis-Griffin As the rain and snow don’t fall without watering the Earth, So my Word will not return to me empty without accomplishing my desire. We magnify your name, Oh, Lord For you reveal yourself in your holy Word, And we bow down and exalt you, Lord. You are higher than our thoughts and dreams, You are wider than our fantasies, More than we know, Maker of all things In our lives, we worship you…. We magnify your name, Oh, Lord For you reveal yourself in your holy Word, Yes, we fall down and adore you, Lord. …..Maker of all things In our lives, you made us glorious © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP


Prayer/Life – Music that stays with you.

This music is different – written in response to the Sprit’s leading only – unforgettable and beautiful.
This message is different – a psychologist’s rich interpretations of scripture and wise observations of life, people, self.
This band is different -- different generations, different cultures, different cities, different professions (a psychologist and an engineer?!), different traditions (social justice activism and charismatic gifting). Nevertheless God brought us together and gave us some vastly beautiful music and profound lyrics.
This project is different – based on prayer, waiting, and radical trust vs. striving and strategy. We are seeking the big plan and the purpose for each song in someone’s life.
The result is: deep lyrics, gorgeous chords, unique vocals, intricate keys, enchanting flute, and luscious cello lines—we bring you music that stays with you and changes you.
John was a piano prodigy in high school. He still is. But he turned away from using those pro skills for any other purpose than serving God. He has a hip-hop band, too, called Kingdom Business, that he pursues for the same purpose.
Andrea studied classical flute for years but secretly wanted to sing. But some little things came first, like getting a husband, a Ph.D., and a family. Now is apparently the time to sing.
John and Andrea met up in the unlikely venue of Craigslist and became a powerful writing duo. We are also the most unlikely duo, having next to "nothing in common" (except the most important thing).....
Andrea's voice has been called "unique" and "special". John has crazy piano skills--a musician's musician. Andrea's lyrics are deep and poetic and enticingly lead people back to the scriptures. Our songwriting has jumped out and caught the attention of experienced industry people.
Patrick Siegel of New Artist Avenue heard us on Myspace and asked to produce our unique songs using a top CCM production team, namely multi-Grammy winners Bill Whittington and Blair Masters.
Keith Mohr, President of IndieHeaven.com heard us on the Fanfaves chart and said, "I am listening to your music, it’s real nice. Good songwriting!"
Blair Masters, prolific arranger/composer/programmer, said:
"Prayer/Life's music is unique in that it encourages space for prayer and meditation. Between John's inspired piano playing, and Andrea's creative melodies, I found the experience of working with them to be delightful."
Debra Byrd, vocal coach on American Idol, has enthusiastically supported the project and promises she will sing her favorite song on the debut album, “Your Mark”
We can't wait for you to use this music in your own journey towards deeper connection to yourself and to God.

Learn more about our back story, leave comments, see videos and photos at www.facebook.com/prayerlifemusic


released November 10, 2009

Executive Produced by Andrea Davis-Griffin and John Stallworth
Produced by Patrick Siegel
Arranged by John Stallworth and Andrea Davis-Griffin

Mixed and engineered by Bill Whittington at The Givens House, Franklin, TN
Programmed and piano recorded by Blair Masters The Masters Lair, Franklin, TN
Vocals recorded by Patrick Siegel at The Givens House, Franklin, TN
Guitars and flute recorded by Patrick Siegel at New Artist Avenue, Goshen, IN
Mastered at Northstar Mastering, Seattle, WA
Management consultation by Henry Alonzo/Adarga Entertainment Group
Art Direction and Graphic Design by Samuel Valdez/VirtusAd
Hair & Makeup by Chignon Salon, Pasadena, CA
Photography at Petrol Studio, Burbank, CA
Vocal Coaching by Debra Byrd

Andrea Davis-Griffin - vocals, flute
John Stallworth - piano, keyboards, synths
Scott Davis - bgv on Risk Our Lives, guitars
John Catchings - cello


all rights reserved



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